Italian Carcano Trigger Guard Moschetto Cavalry Truppe Speciali M38 M91 Wonderful Restoration Piece!


Sale is for one original Italian Carcano bolt with bent down handle.  These bolts are in very good surplus condition.  They are complete and have been tested for fit and finish in a Model 91 Moschetto Carcano carbine.  These bolts have very good extractors and firing pin springs.  They have the bent bolt handle for use in the Truppe Speciale, Moschetto, and other carbines. However, they will fit the Carcano long rifle as well. If you’re looking for a good replacement Italian Carcano bolt, don’t let this opportunity pass you by!



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This sale is for one original Italian Carcano trigger guard for the Moschetto, Cavalry, Truppe Speciali, and M91 Carcano long rifle. These trigger guards are complete with all springs and original parts. Finish condition will very from very good to good. Some fitting may be required to use with your rifle or carbine. These are original surplus parts and no guarantee can be made of the functionality.




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