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 German Gew98 K98k length Spandau 1915
This is a very nice original Gew 98 rifle made by Spandau in 1915.  The bore is in good shape w..
Brazilian Model 08/34 Mauser
Here is a very nice all original Brazilian Model 08/34 rifle manufactured in Brazil at the Itajuba' ..
Brazilian model 1908 Mauser Contract Rifle
This is a very nice Brazilian Contract Model 1908 Mauser rifle made at the Deutsche Waffen-und Munit..
Chinese Type 53 Matching Numbers
This is a very nice Chinese Type 53 carbine manufactured in 1955.  Chambered in 7.62x54r, this ..
Czech Model 98/22 Mauser Rifle
This is a nice all original Czech Model 98/22 rifle chambered in 8mm Mauser.  This rifle has a ..
Eddystone Model 1917 US Rifle 30-06 All Correct
This is a very nice and hard to find Model 1917 rifle manufactured at the Eddystone Arsenal in 1918...
Iraqi Capture K-98 Rifle S/42 1936 Mauser
This is a very interesting and rare German K-98 rifle manufactured in 1936 at the Mauser Oberndorf f..
Ishapore 2A Enfield 7.62 Nato
This is a very nice all original Ishapore 2A rifle chambered in 7.62 Nato.  This rifle has a ve..
Ishapore No1 Mk3 .410 Ga Conversion LSA 1917
Here is a very nice British LSA No1 Mk3 rifle that has been converted in 1933 to a .410 Ga shotgun f..
Italian Model 38 Carcano Sporter Restoration
This is an interesting rifle.  It appears to be a Italian Carcano Model 38 that has been sporte..
Japanese Type 38 Carbine Koishikawa Arsenal Full Mum
This is a very nice Japanese Type 38 carbine with full mum manufactured at the Koishikawa Arsenal.&n..
ON HOLD Swedish Model 96/38 Mauser Short Rifle
This is a very nice all original Swedish Model 96/38 short rifle manufactured at Carl Gustaf Stads i..
Polish Wz. 44 Carbine 1955 Circle 11 Like New
This is a beautiful unissued Polish Wz. 44 Carbine manufactured in 1955.  Chambered in 7.62x54r..
REDUCED German Mauser Banner Contract Mauser Standard Modell
This is a very nice non import marked Mauser banner German Standard Modell rifle.  This rifle i..
REDUCED Japanese Type 38 Nagoya Arsenal 26th Series
This is a nice original Japanese Type 38 long rifle manufactured at the Nagoya Arsenal. It is an ear..