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1940 Finnish M91 AZF Austrian Capture
This is an interesting rifle that has quite the history.  It is a 1940 dated Tikka barreled M91..
British No 5 Jungle Carbine
This is a very nice example of the British No 5 Jungle Carbine.  This rifle has matching number..
Finnish Capture 1939 Tula 91/30
This is a very nice original Finnish captured 1939 dated Tula Russian M91/30.  This rifle is ch..
Finnish Sako M-39 Rifle
This is a nice original Sako manufactured Finnish M-39 rifle.  It is chambered in 7.62x54r and ..
Ishapore 2A1 Enfield Rifle
Indian Ishapore 2A1 is chambered in 7.62 NATO and is in very good original condition.  It is a ..
Italian M-38 Short Rifle
This is a very nice all original Italian M-38 short rifle chambered in 7.35mm Carcano.  This ri..
Japanese 7/8th Child's Trainer
This is an original WWII era Japanese 7/8th Child's Trainer. This rifle is original except for the u..
Japanese Gew 88 Training Rifle
This is an original German Gew 88 rifle that was sent to China and subsequently captured by the Japa..
Japanese Type 99 Toyo Kogyo 34th Series
This is a very nice original condition Japanese Type 99 rifle chambered in 7.7x58mm.  This rifl..
Rare 1943 Dated Tula HEX Receiver 91/30
This is a very nice original Russian M91/30 rifle chambered in 7.62x54r. This rifle is all numbers m..
Swedish 1896 Carl Gustav Mauser
This is a nice example of a Swedish 1896 Mauser rifle manufactured by Carl Gustav in 1916.  It ..
WWI French St Etienne M16 Rifle
This is a very nice original French M16 rifle manufactured in 1917 at the St. Etienne arsenal. ..
WWI German Gewehr 98 1916 C.G. Haenel
This is a very nice example of the WWI Gew 98 chambered in 8mm Mauser.  This rifle is a WWI bri..
WWII Japanese Type 38 Training Rifle
This is an all original WWII era Japanese training rifle. This rifle is chambered in 6.5mm Jap., but..