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Beautiful Turkish M-38 Mauser
This is an absolutely beautiful specimen of the Turkish M-38 Mauser rifle.  This rifle has very..
Italian M-38 Short Rifle
This is a very nice all original Italian M-38 short rifle chambered in 7.35mm Carcano.  This ri..
Japanese Gew 88 Training Rifle
This is an original German Gew 88 rifle that was sent to China and subsequently captured by the Japa..
LSA 1916 Dated No1 Mk3 Converted to No IV Trainer
This is a very nice original 1916 dated LSA manufactured No1 Mk3 rifle that was sent to Canada and b..
Rare 1943 Dated Tula HEX Receiver 91/30
This is a very nice original Russian M91/30 rifle chambered in 7.62x54r. This rifle is all numbers m..
Russian M-38 Carbine
This is a very  nice original Russian M-38 Mosin Nagant carbine chambered in 7.62x54r.  Th..
Yugoslavian 24/47 Rare TRZ-5 Arsenal
This is an unissued example of the Yugoslavian M24/47 rifle manufactured at the TRZ-5 factory after ..