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Brazilian model 1908 Mauser Contract Rifle
This is a very nice Brazilian Contract Model 1908 Mauser rifle made at the Deutsche Waffen-und Munit..
Browning 1919A4 W/ Original WWII M2 Tripod
This is a beautiful Browning 1919-A4 belt fed rifle chambered in 7.62 NATO.  This rifle has a g..
Chinese Type 53 Albanian Contract
This is one of the recently imported Chinese Type 53 rifles that came out of Albania a few years ago..
Czech VZ24 Romanian Contract 8mm Mauser
This is a very nice all original Czech VZ-24 rifle manufactured for export to Romania.  Chamber..
Finnish Capture Tula Arsenal 91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle
This is a very nice all original Russian 91/30 Mosin Nagant rifle manufactured at the Tula Arsenal i..
German G98/40 jhv 43
This is a very nice, seldom seen German G98/40 rifle made in occupied Hungary for the Germans during..
German Gew 88/05 Spandau 1890 Commission Rifle
This is a very nice all original German Gew 88/05 manufactured at the Spandau Arsenal in 1890. ..
German Gew98 K98k length Spandau 1915
This is a very nice original Gew 98 rifle made by Spandau in 1915.  The bore is in good shape w..
German K98 S/243 Mauser-Werke AG Berlin Borsigwalde 1937
Here is your chance at a very nice German K-98 rifle manufactured at Mauser-Werke AG Berlin Borsigwa..
German Mauser Banner Contract Mauser Standard Modell
This is a very nice non import marked Mauser banner German Standard Modell rifle.  This rifle i..
IBM M1 Carbine Non Import WWII Era
This is a very nice all original US M1 carbine manufactured by IBM during WWII.  This carbine i..
Japanese 7/8th Child's Trainer
This is an original WWII era Japanese 7/8th Child's Trainer. This rifle is original except for the u..
Japanese Type 38 Nagoya Arsenal 26th Series
This is a nice original Japanese Type 38 long rifle manufactured at the Nagoya Arsenal. It is an ear..
Japanese Type 99 Arisaka Nagoya Arsenal 6th Series
This is a very nice original Japanese Arisaka Rifle manufactured at the Nagoya Arsenal.  It is ..
Mexican Model 1910 Mauser
This is a very nice original Mexican Model 1910 Mauser chambered in 7x57mm Mauser.  This rifle ..