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British No4 Mk II
This is a very nice example of the British No4 Mk2 rifle chambered in 303 Brit.  This rifle is ..
Italian M-38 Short Rifle
This is a very nice all original Italian M-38 short rifle chambered in 7.35mm Carcano.  This ri..
LSA 1916 Dated No1 Mk3 Converted to No IV Trainer
This is a very nice original 1916 dated LSA manufactured No1 Mk3 rifle that was sent to Canada and b..
Rare 1943 Dated Tula HEX Receiver 91/30
This is a very nice original Russian M91/30 rifle chambered in 7.62x54r. This rifle is all numbers m..
Yugoslavian 24/47 Rare TRZ-5 Arsenal
This is an unissued example of the Yugoslavian M24/47 rifle manufactured at the TRZ-5 factory after ..