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Named WWII era US Gas Mask
This is a nice original US military WWII era gas mask.  This mask is in decent shape and appear..
US ACH Helmet 506th PIR 101st AB Operation Iraqi Freedom
This is an original Operation Iraqi Freedom era ACH that was worn by a soldier of the 101st Airborne..
US Military
These are very nice all original US ammo .30 cal ammo cans. These cans are in good condition with so..
Vietnam War Era US M-1 Helmet with Trench Art
This is a very nice example of a Vietnam War era US M1 helmet.  This helmet is in very good ori..
WWII Paratrooper Canteen w/ strap and cup
This is a very nice original WWII US canteen, cup and cover with the original drop strap. The cantee..