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Astra Cub 6.35mm/ 25 auto
This is a very nice all original Astra Cub pocket pistol chambered in 6.35mm / 25acp.  This pis..
Astra Model 600/43 Pistol
This is a nice original Spanish Astra Model 600/43 chambered in 9mm parabellum.  This pistol ha..
German P-38 AC 42 Matching Including Magazine Non Import
This is a very nice all matching and all correct German P-38 pistol manufactured at the Walther Fact..
J.P. Sauer 38h WaA 37 German Military Marked 4th Variation
This is a very nice all original 4th variation JP Sauer 38h.  Chambered in 7.65mm/32 auto, this..